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Jan 11, 2012

"Locked" in Love - Stacy Keibler

George Clooney has joked that he keeps girlfriend Stacy Keibler ‘locked up’ because he doesn’t like to be without the former WWE Diva.

The Hollywood heartthrob has been dating the former WWE Diva for five months now and admits he doesn’t like to let her out of his sight.

He joked, “I don’t let her go out. Don’t let her do anything!”

Speaking at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Stacy added, “George keeps me locked up!”

As well as keeping Stacy close, George, 50, also gives his 32-year-old girlfriend fashion advice.

She said, “We sort of have the same taste so it’s pretty easy. Whatever I end up liking, he likes it too. So it works out good because if he didn’t, then I don’t know what I would do!”

However, it seems George may be slightly worried about criticising Stacy as he recently admitted she can ‘kick his ass’ with her wrestling moves.

The Descendants star said, “She’s very tall. She can kick my ass. She can take me two out of three falls.”

However, George said he doesn’t have to worry too much about feeling the wrath of Stacy’s temper because she’s such a lovely person. He said, “She’s a nice girl. She really is.”

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