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Jan 16, 2012

Golden Globe Awards - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

"Game of Thrones"  

Peter Dinklage (winner) 


  • Birthplace: Mendham, New Jersey, USA
  • Birthday: June 11, 1969
Though small in stature, 4'5" actor Peter Dinklage loomed large on both stage and screen. Following his feature film debut in "Living In Oblivion" (1995), where he played an actor who castigates Steve Buscemi's character for making him play a dwarf, Dinklage amassed an impressive resume devoid of clich├ęd roles. Though most actors his height embraced roles that mocked or stereotyped dwarfism - most famously Verne Troyer in the "Austin Powers" series - Dinklage instead played his characters - not as cruel caricatures - but entirely human.

Born June 11, 1969 in Mendham, NJ, Dinklage knew at an early age that he wanted to be an actor. Perhaps it was performing for friends and family or the fourth grade production of "Pinocchio," that attracted him to the craft. Dinklage was lucky enough to have an artistic and supportive family: though his dad worked insurance, mom was a music teacher and brother Jonathan grew up to be a violinist in Broadway productions. However, Dinklage was the only member of his family affected by dwarfism. Though not easy to cope with early in life, he managed to handle the situation with a sense of humor, even joking that his mom probably drove by the power plant while pregnant with him. Dinklage attended Bennington College in Vermont, where he received a Bachelor's in Drama and was awarded the Libby Zion Award for Dramatic Excellence. He moved on to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, as well as the Welsh School of Music and Drama in Cardiff, Wales. Later, Dinklage appeared in many New York theatrical productions, including "Marking" by Patrick Breen, "Evolution" by Jonathan Marc Sherman, "Imperfect Love" by Brandon Cole and a production of Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House."

Dinklage began to appear in films, starting with his brief but memorable role in "Living In Oblivion" (1995), directed by Tom DiCillo. The actor made appearances in other films: "Safe Men" (1998), directed by John Hamburg, "Never Again" (2002), by Eric Shaffer, and opposite Tim Robbins and Patricia Arquette in "Human Nature" (2002). Though always grateful to be making his living as an actor, Dinklage never got the chance - on screen, at least - to sink his teeth into a meaty role until he met actor-turned- writer and director Tom McCarthy. The actor met McCarthy when he was cast as Tom Thumb in the off-Broadway production, "The Killing Act." McCarthy had conceived of the idea for what would become "The Station Agent" (2003) before meeting Dinklage. While out having drinks together, McCarthy was struck by the amount of attention Dinklage received for being a dwarf. This fit perfectly with McCarthy's idea of exploring the theme of isolation. He set out to write the script with Dinklage in mind as the lead character, Finbar McBride, a man with dwarfism who inherits an abandoned rail depot and decides to live a life of isolation, only to find friendship in two unlikely people.

Co-starring Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale, "The Station Agent" won the coveted Audience Award at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival, and for the first time in his career, Dinklage found himself facing a new kind of attention - the recognition of stellar performance and the murmurings of Oscar buzz. Dinklage's careful pursuit of difficult and challenging roles paid off, as he was able to achieve the respect most others with dwarfism had not in the entire history of the business. Coincidentally, right after "The Station Agent" had so effectively showed that his talent and charisma existed separately from his stature, he also appeared in a more comedic vein in a higher profile film, "Elf" (2003), starring as an aggressive children's book author who misunderstands Buddy the Elf's (Will Ferrell) affinity for him. After brief appearances on episodes of "Life As We Know It" (ABC, 2004-05) and "Entourage" (HBO, 2004- ), he was in "Nobody Wants Your Film" (2005), an experimental feature about the making of an independent movie that apparently no one wants. A supporting role in the romantic comedy "The Baxter" (2005) was followed by a regular gig on "Threshold" (CBS, 2005- ), a sci-fi drama about a female government agent (Carla Gugino) who leads scientific and military forces in response to an alien invasion. Dinklage played a linguist and mathematician who likes to partake in the finer things in life - like strippers and gambling. Despite critical support of the show, "Threshold" failed to survive past its first season.

Back in the feature world, Dinklage played a tabloid photographer who runs a misleading picture of a kind-hearted girl (Christina Ricci) in "Penelope" (2006), then had a supporting role as a mob family's defense attorney who is surprised to learn that one of his brash, but charming clients (Vin Diesel) intends to represent himself in "Find Me Guilty" (2006), Sidney Lumet's true-to-life telling of the famed Luccchese crime family trial in the late-1980s. After revealing the kinky secrets of a family's dead patriarch during his funeral in the British-made dark comedy "Death at a Funeral" (2007), Dinklage stumbled in the ineptly made live-action take on "Underdog" (2007), playing a maniacal scientist who suddenly gives a down-and-out beagle superhuman powers. In perhaps his most high-profile feature to date, Dinklage joined the ensemble cast for "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" (2008), playing the loyal, but skeptical Trumpkin, a dwarf who aids the four ancient kings and queens in finding the ruins of Aslan's How.

Born : On June 11, 1969 in Mendham, New Jersey, USA

Job Titles :Actor


  • Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama: Performing Arts
  • Bennington College, Bennington , Vermont:Performing Arts
  • Delbarton School, Morris Township , New Jersey
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts:Performing Arts

Significant Others

  • Erica Schmidt
    Married in 2005

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