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Feb 7, 2012

Paris Jackson

Single despite love tweets?

Michael Jackson’s teenage daughter Paris Jackson has said that the love messages exchanged between her and aspiring rapper Romeo Hodges were “just a joke” and that she is still single.

After asking her followers to pray for Hodges following a car accident last month, the pair’s friendship appeared to have blossomed into romance this week. When a mutual friend suggested, ‘Yah should just be girlfriend and boyfriend already’, Jackson responded, ‘idk (I don’t know) Romeo Hodges... are we?’ ‘Let’s hope it’s a yes... my heart has the answer,’ Hodges wrote.

But Jackson cleared the air about her relationship status with a tweet on Friday.
‘Dear media, I’m single...! Sincerely, it was a joke,’ she tweeted. Earlier, the 13-year-old had revealed that she and Hodges had a special song, sending followers to Christina Perri’s Twilight love theme A Thousand Years video on

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